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DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.


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  • Do you have a DICOM image archive and miss an easy possibility to access single files or series?
  • Are you sometimes searching DICOM files, which shall fulfill certain conditions?
  • Do you want to make your DICOM Archive available to your employees or customers over Intranet or Internet?
  • Do you want to view a header dump or report simply by mouse click?
  • Do you want to animate series or multiframes with your internet browser, without installing special software?
  • Do you expect more flexibility from your PACS when you have special query conditions?
  • ...?

Then DicomStar™ is the solution for you.

DicomStar is a web service that we'll set up individually - according to your special wishes - for you.

DicomStar can e.g. catalog your whole DICOM archive and store it in a database (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Interbase, ...) for quick availability. Users can search the database using comfortable web interfaces and view or download found files - a Google for DICOM files.

DicomStar exceeds the retrieval abilities of a PACS by far (it's a kind of "SuperPACS") and allows expressive Data-Mining.

The DicomStar concept is scalable and very flexible, i.e. it can be easily adapted to special requirements and wishes.

With minimum administration effort DicomStar offers access - using configurable and comfortable web interfaces - to DICOM files whose actual properties have been determined by the user.

DicomStar can be configured for full or partial WADO compatibility.

DicomStar still offers much more possibilities. More ... (PDF-Document, 1.8 MB)

We provide several services concerning DicomStar.
If you are interested how DicomStar can be used by you, please eMail us.

DicomStar is based on PowerDicomPowerDicom Logo Technology.

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